Journalistic articles

Prescribing the practice of physical activity, a public health issue": the carte blanche” of politicians, mutualists and academics – La Libre Belgique

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Parkinson's and dance: a winning duo


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Scientific papers


  • Effects of dance on motor and non-motor parameters in people with Parkinson's disease – Pauline Girier. Final thesis, Master in Physiotherapy, High School of the Province of Liège

  • Dancing at home: Investigating the value of digital resources for dance as a therapeutic activity for healthy ageing and Parkinson’s disease, Dr. Judith Bek, BEAM lab, University of Manchester
  • Dancing or Fitness Sport? The Effects of two training programs on hippocampal plasticity and balance abilities in healthy Senior, Rehfeld, K., and all. Front. Hum. Neurosci 11:305

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