Kinésiphilia - a unique identity within the non-profit organisation Fit Your Mind.



Kinésiphilia is a dance programme, offering weekly workshops in Wallonia, Brussels and Flanders to anyone with balance, coordination or memory problems and in particular, living with Parkinson's disease. Companions are welcome to attend the workshops. The complete list of face-to-face and online workshops can be found in the Activities and Training tab.


In Greek philia means passion, and kinesi refers to the cerebral programming of movement. Literally, Kinesiphilia, therefore, means the love of movement


Dance, inseparable from music, is a recognised and recommended treatment for people with Parkinson's disease. Thanks to its numerous external stimuli - visual, auditory and emotional - dance allows the activation of unused neuronal pathways and the reorganisation of the nervous system, notably through cerebral plasticity.



For our professional dancers who study and propose this approach, it is obvious that dance stimulates cognitive activity to better connect body and mind.


In a therapeutic approach, dance is the ideal activity to develop strategies to mover better. It makes movements more fluid and graceful, develops flexibility and muscle strength, helps build self-confidence, breaks isolation, develops observation, hearing and touch, improves the perception of one's body in space, which improves balance and can reduce the risk of falls. Above all, dance activates creativity and the joy of living



Kinésiphilia is inspired by the revolutionary teaching method developed by Dance for PD in New York. This method is the result of a collaboration between the Mark Morris Dance Group and the Brooklyn Parkinson Association that began in the 2000s. This method has been disseminated worldwide and has proven its benefits through numerous scientific studies.


Kinesiphilia is affiliated and works closely with Dance for PD. All of our teachers have undergone this specialised training and currently three of them are working with the ongoing education programme to ensure quality courses in line with this internationally recognised brand.