Here is an overview of the activities currently available.

They are supervised by instructors specially trained in the participants' problems.

NEW in VERVIERS: Nordic Walking: Monday from 10h to 11h



BERTRIX : Friday (17h30 - 18h30)

Bertrix Athletics Track 

Instructor: François De Bruycker (+32 475 33 42 44)



Open to anyone with beginner problems of balance, coordination or memory and, in particular, with "Parkinson's".


Click here to see the agenda of our Kinésiphilia activities


NORDIC WALKING  Walking sticks can be lent


LIBRAMONT: Wednesday (9h - 10h30) and Friday (09h - 10h)

Variable meeting places

Instructor: Nathalie Pierson (+32 495 24 80 95)


PALISEUL : Saturday (10h -11h30)

Two levels: moderate and sustained pace.

Meeting point at the car park of the Church of Framont (Commune of Paliseul)

Instructor: Jean-Pol Hannard (+32 495 26 06 70)


VERVIERS : Monday (10h to 11h)

Variable meeting places

Instructor: Audrey Pitz: (+32 495 84 34 92)


All of these classes have 1 free “discovery” session, after they are available for 5,00€ (by subscription of 10).


Partner welcome at half price for the dance.

An insurance contribution of 25€ /year is required.

A specific medical certificate to be filled in by your doctor will be given to you when you register.


For any further information :


Tel : 0497/125 546 or