Here is an overview of the adapted physical activities and dance workshops offered.


These are supervised by dancers and instructors specially trained to accompany participants of all ages who may have a chronic illness, a balance or cognitive disorder or simply wish to be physically reconditioned.





Our activities are accessible, after 1 free discovery session, at the price of 6 euros per session (per card of 10 sessions) or via a quarterly subscription system.


An annual fee of 25 € is required; this covers the insurance of the Fédération Multisport Adaptés. The mutuality’s intervene annually in the registration fees for a sport activity and our teachers are authorised to fill in the necessary certificates.


Participants will receive a specific medical certificate to be filled in by their doctor.


For further information, please contact the secretariat: 0497 12 55 46 or 



Are you interested in another city? Please let us know. When we have several requests for the same place, we can look for suitable places and teachers to create a new workshop.



The non-profit organization offers training courses for students or aspiring teachers. We offer :

- specialised training to teach Kinesiphilia dance according to the Dance for PD model

- training courses to teach Nordic walking or adapted walking. 


If you are interested in our courses or if you would like to join our team, please contact us: 0497 12 55 46


We also offer training courses for students or trainees by creating partnerships with educational institutions such as high schools.