In addition to conventional therapies, exercise therapy is now validated in many diseases but unfortunately still insufficiently practiced, especially in neurological diseases.

Fit Your Mind is a non-profit association that offers professional support to help you take full advantage of this new approach.

Its mission is to encourage and evaluate physical activity and the art of adjunctive therapies for people with chronic, in particular, neurological conditions.


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Portrait of Olivier Bouquiaux, neurologist doctor for 25 years and creator of the Fit Your Mind association.


"We are here, at your service. We welcome you free of charge for your first session. The best way to know if this is right for you is to taste it at the risk of not having at least tried it and regretting it.

So dare to take the step, the dance step! "

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Portrait of Maité Guérin, artistic coordinator of the Kinesiphilia workshops


"I am convinced that positive stimulation can only be good in a context of society where the body does not always have the opportunity to express itself. Dance brings physical and mental well-being through:

- muscle building and stretching

- using rhythm and musicality

- to the imagination and creativity that initiate the movement

- for the use of all senses

- freedom of bodily expression and acceptance of each individuality

- the social aspect of the dance class and the strong bonds that form between dancers. "

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